2021-22 Executive & Committee Elections

Please find below a link to information regarding nominations for the golf club’s Management Committee positions for the 2021-2022 membership year.

Click here

Candidates’ profiles for contested positions are available via the following links in the order received, together with their proposer and seconder:

David Killeen                             (P Edwards;  M Whitten)

Robin Hay                                   (R Bailo; B Glover)

Rod Thamm                               (M Whitten; P Edwards)

Chris Zilverschoon                (P Dean; D Johnstone)

Andrew Johnson                     (R Nieper; P Edwards)

Rob Bailo                                     (H Van Sambeek; R Vincent)

Paul Dean                                    (C Silverschoon; D Johnstone)

David Durack                            (T Kennedy; I Dauth)

Tim Lattey                                  (G Denver; P Edwards)

Dave Scott                                  (P Griffin; S Roberts)

Matthew Wolski                     (D Durack; P Durack)

Neil Stenhouse                        (D Durack; D Johnstone)


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The online election process is scheduled to commence Monday 18th October 2021. Members will receive two (2) separate emails which will include instructions and a unique link which will take you to a secure ballot. Please note there will need to be two (2) separate online ballots, one for the contested position of Secretary (Monday 18th October – Sunday 24th October 2021) & another for the contested ‘general’ committee positions (Monday 25th October – Sunday 31st October 2021). Under the amended constitution no proxy voting is permitted. Paper ballot votes are available upon request. The successful candidates will be announced shortly after each election is validated and the new Committee introduced at the AGM on 10th November 2021. Further information & detail to follow.

Result: Election for Secretary (10:00 Monday 25th October 2021)

Congratulations Andy Johnson elected to the position of Secretary on the 2021-22 Management Committee with 65.8% of the vote. We are pleased to advise from 352 eligible members, 62.2% (219) voted. This result has been validated by the scrutineers Graeme Glover and Lionel Tilley, and the returning officer Stephen Porter. 

Neil Stenhouse will now progress to contest for a General Committee position.

Result: Election for Committee (to be confirmed) as nominations now called for Treasurer close midnight on the 21st November 2021 via: gm@malenygolfclub.com.au

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