Collaborative planning to deliver safe walking trail

Maleny Golf Club has been collaborating with Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) officers to ensure the safety of walkers using the Maleny Precinct walking trail when the three new holes south of the trail are brought into play.

Maleny Golf Club President Dr Max Whitten said consideration of the safety of walkers had been paramount in the design of the Maleny trail network and golf course.

“The Golf Club is totally committed to providing a safe environment for walkers, as well as sweeping vistas across the picturesque golf course and rehabilitated wetlands,” Dr Whitten said.

Dr Whitten noted that there were many examples in Australia and around the world where golfers and walkers shared public space including the home of golf, St Andrews in Scotland.

“The safety concerns here are also not dissimilar to some arising at the Maleny Showgrounds where walkers and campers share space with cricket, soccer, equestrian pursuits and dogs-off-leash.  Common sense and goodwill make it work.”

Dr Whitten said the SCC had recently relocated a seat and section of the trail to move it further away from the 6th green as part of agreed actions by the Maleny Golf Club and the Council.

“Maleny Golf Club is now working through the detailed boundaries of a screening garden to prevent balls from reaching the trail – preparation and planting of which will occur shortly,” Dr Whitten said.

“As the plants will not provide an immediate barrier, the Maleny Golf Club is also investigating the installation of a physical barrier to provide the required safety.”

The Maleny Golf Club has indicated on numerous occasions to council a willingness to arrange site visits and work with community representatives who may have concerns with aspects of the golf course design and operations.

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