COVID-19 (Corona virus) ALERT – Part 1

MEMBERS: Please refer to the complete version of this message sent to you via email for information relating specifically to activities conducted only by members eg. volunteering and accessing maintenance equipment .

Over the past weeks the Federal and State governments have kept us well informed of developments with the virus and the basic precautions that we should follow with our personal hygiene and interaction with other people.

The Management Committee has an equal resolve in facing the escalating risks with the virus and will do all possible to keep the golf club a safe environment in these challenging times.

Purpose of writing today is to outline in detail steps to be introduced that, as best we can, assist toward maintaining this safe environment.

 General hygiene
* All food sharing is to cease
* There will be no more BBQs until further notice
* Follow good respiratory hygiene – cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze
* Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with appropriate sanitizing products and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
* In consideration of social spacing all furniture on the club house verandah is being removed with a request that the marquee be used from hereon for all social gatherings where the 1.5 metre spacing guidelines can be better observed
* Members are encouraged to carry their own hand sanitizer and use it regularly while on the course

 Golf
* If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing seek medical care – DO NOT GO TO GOLF
* Do not congregate in close contact groups while waiting to tee off
* Do not shake hands before or after rounds
* Do not touch other people’s golf equipment
* Do not let other people touch your golf equipment
* Until further notice there will be no more shot gun starts for competition golf, all starts will be staggered
* On completion of competition rounds score cards to be placed in a special box outside the golf shop. The Match Committee will attend to recording of all scores
* Presentations will continue in the normal way for the time being but this may have to be reviewed in time
* Cart sharing will be at the discretion of members. Should a member elect to be alone in a hired cart it will be charged out at half rates, this offer being subject to availability
* Cleaning of carts before use (seats, steering wheel securing bag straps, key etc) will be at the discretion of users with all suitable sanitizing agents made available
* Handling the flag stick on greens is to be discouraged but will be at the discretion of individuals with a need to keep personal hygiene in mind
* Small pins on practice putting green will be removed


The paramount desire of the Management Committee is to provide a safe environment for our members and while the above protocols are considered basic essentials the list of protective measures is not exhaustive. In saying that, in these uncertain times everyone’s health and hygiene practices are a personal responsibility; suffice to say it is incumbent upon all of us to now adopt a heightened awareness to these obligations.

As you are already aware over recent days things have been moving and changing rapidly and could well change again. However, at the time of writing today (19/3/2020) nothing outlined above contravenes current guidelines that have been set down the government’s health authorities.

The Management Committee will continue to monitor developments closely and be guided by instructions handed down. Any significant changes that will impact on the golf club will be communicated to you as soon as they are announced.

With kind regards
Jeff Kruse
19 March 2020

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