COVID-19 (Corona virus) ALERT – Part 2

MEMBERS: Please refer to the complete version of this message sent to you via email for information relating specifically to activities conducted only by members eg. volunteering and accessing maintenance equipment. 

Further to my newsletter on 19 March 2020 I am writing today to let you know the latest developments with controlling COVID-19 that relate to the golf club.

As a licensed venue our liquor licence has been suspended from noon today in a further attempt by the government to increase social distancing in the community. However, soft drink refreshments and snack foods (chips etc) will still be available in the golf shop for consumption on the course – see later.

All furniture on the club house verandah and in the marquee has been stacked and stored away today to comply with non-gathering requirements. These two locations are now effectively closed down to any form of social gatherings until further notice.

Apart from these two initiatives all the social gathering and hygiene disciplines mentioned on 19 March 2020 remain in place. However, in regard to GOLF the following additional measures, effective today, have been introduced –

  • Buggies – we are enforcing one person per hired buggy and per privately owned buggy for all play, the exception being two people domiciled together
  • All bunker rakes have been removed. A preferred lie can now be taken in the bunkers and after playing their shots golfers are encouraged to smooth over the damaged sand as best they can, eg with your foot and/or club
  • The Course Superintendent is looking to source some ‘pool noodles’ to place on the bottom of the flag stick for a more hygienic and easier retrieval of your golf ball. As a general statement please refrain from handling all flag sticks as much as possible
  • All competition tee times will now be extended to 10 minute intervals. Commencing with tomorrow’s competition (24/3/2020) please check your booking times on the time sheet as it may have altered slightly
  • No more presentations until further notice. Competition scores, recorded by the Match Committee, can be viewed on line in OneGolf under LEADERBOARD
  • No more nearest the pins but ball run downs will be extended
  • Booking times for the 9 nine hole Friday competition introduced last week will now be open from 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm

In closing it is important to know that the golf club, as an outdoor sporting venue, will be staying open for business, at least for the time being or until instructed otherwise. I encourage all members to continue supporting your club and if everyone observes the hygiene and social protocol detailed in my newsletter on 19 March 2020, and those additional measures covered today, the golf club should remain a safe destination for everyone to escape to.

In these difficult times of uncertainty, I look forward to everyone continuing to enjoy themselves on our fairways playing golf in the healthy fresh air that we are so fortunate to have here at Maleny.

This information is current as at the time of writing to you this afternoon.


With best wishes



23 March 2020

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