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MGC - Building the First 9 Holes

At the turn of the 21st century, two ruined birthday cakes triggered the birth of the Maleny Golf Club (MGC). A misdirected chip by a backyard golfer flew through his kitchen window, showering glass on two newly-iced cakes and thus providing sufficient incentive for our founding member to seek better facilities. By the end of 2000, the Maleny Golf Club was formed.

The course is constructed on land leased from Sunshine Coast Council (SCC), which forms part of the Maleny Community Precinct, and comprises two former dairy and cattle farms (Armstrong’s Farm and Porters Farm) located in close proximity to Maleny township.

MGC Patron, Andrew Powell MP and Councillors Tim Dwyer and Jenny McKay opened MGC’s temporary driving range in July 2010. Planning and construction of the first 9 holes of the course then began and were completed and opened for play in July 2015.


MGC - Course Design Philosophy

If you think the Maleny Golf course just “happened”, then you would be mistaken.

The intent of the Management Committee was to lay the Maleny Golf Course over the existing terrain with minimal disturbance to the natural landscape. The club was then gifted an example of this minimalist approach in the form of the Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course in Scotland.

It was agreed that the greens would be of a high standard and the tees would be built using the natural red soil and existing kikuyu on site. It was to be a “Minimalist” golf course where there would be a strong relationship between the natural environment and the built environment.

The result is a course beautifully blended into the surrounding landscape.

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